Refined kitchen with sober and elegant lines

The most surprising feature of the beautiful Sirmione model lies in the delicacy of its design which elegantly interprets the new furniture trends. Fine, innovative, precious and spacious kitchens, made even more special by unique details such as refined shape and High-Tech automatic handles. Basis, big wall cabinets and beautiful column elements have enriching details in the soap blunted joints, which create dynamism and changes in depth, outlining the island blocks profiles, terminal columns and bases. A linear and wide-ranging style for sale, ideal for open spaces and spaces enhancing elegance and beauty.

Details that determine style

The volumes of this model define a classic but very clean style, which with its refined design suggests great elegance and very personal environments. The important handles with a strong vocation decorative adorn the whole environment, available in a wide range of colours. The opaque or glossy lacquered finishings proposed, are available in many colours and offer amazing glamorous solutions also in the metallic version. A great possibility of customization makes every kitchen unique and special as Sirmione and the home that will house it.